General Membership Meeting

Cathi Ruddy, Cindy Noori, Kathy Later, Robin Weitz, Terri Webb, Gabrielle Gottlieb and Haldis Toppel met in the clubhouse kitchen to prepare a wonderful meal for the members at the last GM meeting. 

The menu for the evening’s supper included: Appetizer; Kibbeh al Hammam, Main Course; Huckleberry’s carrot and avocado salad, Whole Food’s harvest couscous, Tamarind roasted vegetables, Haldis’s baked salmon.  Dessert consisted of Dr G’s raw donut holes and almond date ginger snaps.

Everything was delicious and the ladies enjoyed cooking together.

President Cathi Ruddy introduced potential new members who were present, reported on proceeds from home tour, the club’s upcoming events and introduced our guest speaker, PPWC member Dermatologist Dr. Nasreen Babu-Khan. Dr. Babu-Khan spoke about various types of skin health and care, answering questions that members had submitted. Her talk was interesting, educational and fun and included samples!  Philanthropic Director Joanna Curtis closed the meeting with two items of business. First she reminded everyone about our March 10th Rummage Sale.  Donations are needed and welcomed. Second, she presented the Grant Award Presentations and the Ballot for membership voting.  Grant applicants  were listed with their information and grant request for members to review. Then a ballot was handed out for the members to vote. Grants will be awarded on March 6.

It was truly an evening of friendship, fun and philanthropy! 

The Kitchen crew for the January 9th dinner preparation: Terri Webb, 
Kathy Later, Haldis Toppel, Cathi Ruddy, Cindy Noori and Robin Weitz. (not pictured Gabrielle Gottlieb)

Vice President Robin Weitz, Program Director Cindy Noori, and (not show) Cathi Ruddy created the menu.

Left to right: Robin Weitz, Haldis Toppel, President Cathi Ruddy.  The menu was a wonderful variety of delicious foods: appetizer Kibbeh al Hammam, Main Course was Huckleberry's carrot and avocado salad, Whole Food's harvest couscous, Tamarind roasted vegetables and Haldis' baked salmon, Dessert was Dr G's raw donut holes and almond date ginger snaps.

Final touches and dinner was served.

Gabrielle Gottlieb, Clubhouse Director Nancy Niles, Kathy Later and Secretary Gina Jakel all approved the menu.


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