President Robin Weitz with her daughters Laurel and Carly

Dear Members of the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club:

Thank you for being a member, and for your willingness to serve our community.  Our Club is 93 years strong, and growing.  I am so excited about this coming year for all of US – our United Sis-٭ (STAR) -hood.  We are Women Working Wonders through Education, Engagement, Enlightenment, Experiences, Exploration, Empowerment, etc.!!!!  We are going to have our arms and hands-up like we are riding a rollercoaster with unadulterated enthusiasm.  WWWEEEEEEE! 

This year is going to be focused on Philanthropy, Productivity, Working and Citizenry.  Please identify with our acronym, “PPWC”, and align yourself with our goals:

P: Promote, people, partner, participate, plan, plant, party,

P: Plenty, positive, peace, pact, paramount, paradise,

W: Will, wonder, working, wheel, wave, weave, waltz, wilderness, whoopee, whimsy, worldy, welcome, welfare, wow, wide, workout,

C: Cheer, crew, care, courtesy, challenge, clever, can-do, capable, capital, catalyst, celebrate, champion, cherished, civic, civil, committed, comradery, collaborate, confidence, courage, curious, create,

With respect and admiration,

Robin Weitz, 
PPWC President
(310) 251-9060


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