Palisadians Partying Wholeheartedly and Coming Together

Thank you Fay Vahdani!  The 90th Birthday Party for our residents was a well-attended celebration.  The guest list continues to grow - it is nice for our organization (93 years strong) to support longevity in the Palisades.  Fay, you are “FAY-bulous” and your presence makes the party “FAY-tastic!”.  Thank you for handling the invitations, soliciting donations, making the name tags, wrapping the silverware, inviting our honorary Co-Mayors, purchasing supplies, getting the balloons, flowers and other party supplies.  Thank you for giving our guests the gorgeous party favor/gift bags.

Thank you to Roberta Donohue – our amazing Club Administrator – she worked on the Program, she worked on the seat assignments, and guest list, and helped keep things on track.  Thank you also for handling the volunteers.  She worked set-up, service, and clean-up.  Thank you Roberta for your positive energy in making this a great day at the Club.

Thank you to Josie Tong for helping with the table seating and for securing the salsa dancers.  They were a hit – we’ll have to have them for next year!  It was fun to see our guests stand-up for the dance lesson.

Thank you to Julia Winter for sponsoring the music, making the refreshing PPWC Birthday Punch and for bringing Dr. Duane Hansen to help in the kitchen.

Thank you to Josie and Julia for being on stage, and assisting with the raffle and trivia questions.

Thank you to Susan Beazley who maintained the budget for the party, and kept us informed.

Thank you to Trish Bowe for being our photographer – everyone left with a momento - you captured a special memory for our guests.

Thank you to Melissa Darpino (New Member) and Vintage Grocers for the plentiful appetizer plates – cheese, nuts, pate, fruit, olives, and crackers.

Thank you to Judith Hatchett for greeting everyone and making sure they participated in our Trivia Game. 

Thank you to Haldis Toppel for the additional help and the cakes – it would not be a party without you or the cakes.  (We also appreciated Haldis turning down the volume.)

Thank you to Kathy Later and Cathi Ruddy for being dynamite and dynamic!  You are willing and available to do all that is needed to be done, and your presence is a blessing.

Thank you to all the members who helped – we had more than 30 volunteers! 

Of special note our New Members who helped with Set-Up, Food Prep and Service: Lynn Acorda-Baldo; Fran Aponte; Sara Collins; Susan Denness; Kit Festa, Margaux Glaser; Eve Haberfield; Jennifer Jones; Katie Ramsey and her daughter, Cozy; Nicole Ryan and her daughter, Grace; and Diana Stiller.

Thank you also for our continuing Distinguished Members:  Sandy Alarcon; Judy Gold; Judy Grosh; Gina Jakel; Nancy Johnson; Sharon Kanan; Krystyna Kaszubowski; Tameron Keyes; Susan McGlothlin; and Arlene Weber.

Thank you to Ron Vinje who joins us as a way to honor his late wife, Ingrid (a PPWC member).  We also had Susan Payne from the Chamber of Commerce and Holly Davis from Coldwell Banker.  Joseph Murphy helped with the set-up and audio.  Thank you also to Ted and Laurel Weitz.

Special thanks are deserving to Scott Schaffer who made the coffee – what a wonderful assortment to choose from, and assisted throughout the day with set-up, service, take down and clean-up.

Thank you for all our dishwashers and dryers in the kitchen after 3 P.M. – we conquered a disaster by being organized, not overwhelmed, and by working together. 

In order to be 90 years old, we have to be physically active, have strong connections to friends and family, feel useful to others, and allow ourselves to be engaged – by being a volunteer at this celebration, we all accomplished these activities.  Here’s to all of us making it to this milestone.

Cheers to Philanthropy!  Friendship! And Fun! The 90th Birthday Party is a long honored tradition and is loved by the community we serve.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Robin Weitz, President
Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club

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