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The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club is already working on plans for its largest event of the year, the 2017 Home Tour.  

We want to thank our generous sponsors and contributors of the 2016 Home Tour.  Please take a moment to flip through the pages of the Home Tour booklet and enjoy the variety of Pacific Palisades homes and services.  

Please click here for the 2016 booklet.

Grant Award Night Recipients
photo by Lesly Hall Photography

The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club hosted it's annual
Grant Awards Night Tuesday, March 7th, awarding over
$31,000 to charitable organizations in the areas of arts, recreation, beautification, education, community and charitable organizations. Over 70 people representing 19 local on-profits and Club members filled the clubhouse enjoying hors e'oeuvres and desserts prepared by Club members and K Bakery before the award ceremony.

President Haldis Toppel welcomes the crowd and introduces Robin Weitz and Eva Iimo, the Grant Fund Committee who proudly gave out the awards on behalf of the Club. Funds for Grant Night are from the Home Tour proceeds; the Home Tour is the Club's biggest fundraising effort of the year, which takes place every November. Each year the PPWC members decide by vote how the funds are distributed. Over the years, the Club has awarded over $1 million in grant funds.

The 2016 Grant recipients were: Movies in the Park; Palisades Americanism Parade Association; Will Rogers Ranch Foundation; Boy Scouts of American, Cub Scouts Pack 223; Erika Whoitmore Godwin Foundation (griefHaven); Meals on Wheels; Ocean Park Community Center for Pacific Palisades Task Force for Homelessness (PPTFH); Voice for the Animals; Westside Family Health Center; Canyon Charter School Booster Club; Friends of Marquez; Palisaes Enrichment Program; PRIDE Booster Club for Paul Revere Charter Middle School; Lucas Scholars Program (St Matthew's Parish School); Malibu Orchid Society; Pacific Palisades Garden Club; Palisades Beautiful; and the Village Green.

Masquerade Murder Mystery 

On Saturday evening, March 4th, the PPWC held a Masquerade Murder Mystery fundraising dinner with more than 60 people participating - dinner was catered by Casa Nostra. The Club will be hosting a Rummage Sale on Saturday April 1st at the clubhouse from 9am to 5 pm. Pictured is Fay Vahdani; Hospitality Chair, Haldis Toppel, President and Cathi Ruddy, Vice President. 

Beautiful tables, by Fay Vadhani and Terri Webb

Murder suspect, aka member Christie Smith

Another murder suspect, aka Nancy Niles

The welcoming lobby for our Masquerade guests!

Wine Tasting
Tameron Keyes and Robin Weitz with Friends, Flowers by Karen Goldberg

Ladies Day Out at Casa Nostra
Dianne Atkins, Arlene Weber, Haldis Toppel and Julia Winter.

New Members Party
 Vanessa Pelegrini, Steph Smith with daughter Precious, Roberta Donohue, Tameron Keyes

Upcoming Club Events

Home Tour and Boutique 2015

Pacific Palisades is a generous and fun-loving place.  Those two attributes merged perfectly for the 30th annual Home Tour and Boutique event, with the weather at its California best.  The generosity was boundless, enthusiasm infectious.  

Boutique sold $90,000 worth of goods in two days with portions of the sales donated to the co-sponsors, the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club and the Palisades Charter High School Education Foundation.  It was declared an unqualified success by both shoppers and vendors.

Close to 400 Home Tour tickets were sold and the sponsorship booklet leading up the Home Tour brought in over $50,000 from nearly 60 sponsors. Over 50 raffle prizes from local merchants and residents were donated. The day went flawlessly, the nine PSC shuttles were reliable to the end, the homes were carefully and lovingly decorated, with everybody smiling, chatting and looking forward to visiting the next home.  

Villa Aurora seemed to top it all but the collector's home on Livorno tried to tie for first place.  The Christmas home rang in the Season, and the Modern Magic home next to it was bright and happy and awe-inspiring.  They were all winners, each so different, so perfect. 

The proceeds from the Home Tour event will return back to the Pacific Palisades community in the form of Grant Fund Awards, and also for the much needed renovation of the Clubhouse which serves over 1,000 weekly visitor from local service and charitable organizations. 

It truly took a village to make "Home Tour" happen.   Over 80 hands-on service providers and Woman's Club volunteers and their friends paid attention to every details of their area of responsibility: Docents, musicians, home coordinators, ticket sales, will-call, traffic control, raffle, shuttles, deliveries, guards, money management, signs, posters, water, check-in, flags, banners, event programs, parking, rentals, flowers, volunteer lunch, decorators, and many more. 

There were those Club members who stood out, who believed that it could be done against all odds, and who had the courage to step in when needed.

Cathi Ruddy became my shadow, trusted adviser, and quiet leader of the Home Tour team.  She organized the many moving parts of this event with a gentle but strong and decisive hand to keep it moving forward, to meet deadlines, and to find solutions to seemingly impossible tasks.  Ultimately, and through need, she took on the home coordination for the amazing Villa Aurora, maximizing its presentation and circumnavigating the many potential difficulties.

Vanessa Pellegrini took on Boutique with a storm, never slowing down, never complaining, never lost for answers, energizing everybody else around her and pulling the very large event off flawlessly to the end. It was Vanessa's initiative that brought the PaliHi Boutique and PPWC together for a perfect joint venture with grace, persuasion, and diplomacy.  All rental and security arrangements were managed to the best of everyone's satisfaction.

Terri Lyman promised to make this the best ever Home Tour when she left Los Angeles.  The first house signed for Home Tour was her friend Lisa Scott, the second house was her friend's friend.  She worked tirelessly as home coordinator, recruiting another friend, Catalina Pernisco-Viotti as the coordinator for home two.  Terri was the force behind the HT websites, no task too small and performed with cyber-speed at all hours of day and night.  Her online support was crucial to the success of this event.

Catalina Pernisco-Viotti became Terri's alter ego, handling her home coordinator's task with competence and efficiency, and stepping in for Terri when on-site involvements were needed. She coordinated effectively with the owners and decorators.  In the end, the twin sites worked perfectly as one and brought a new and welcomed flavor to the Home Tour flow. 

Sandy Alarcon came to a Home Tour meeting as a new member to participate in some small way, looking for a "sitting" job as her age (she asserted) would prevent her from doing anything else.  Little did she know that the Woman's Club energizing forces would soon propel her to home coordinator of the most precious home with the most esoteric owners of them all.  She was a miracle to have in that position, kept smiling throughout and served nutritious candies at heated meetings.

Dalena Hathaway attended the Home Tour meetings as adviser only.  At the proverbial "eleventh hour" searching for a Home Tour Ticket Sales Chair, Cathi Ruddy looked her straight in the eyes and said: "we need you."  In her quiet and unassuming ways Dalena said "I'll do it" to a job that was unfamiliar to her. Throughout the process of  credit card, cash, online ,and Square sales, she kept her cool, and distributed, collected, and deposited the monies.  Ticket sales and will-call pickup went without a single hick-up.  

Debbie Lee has always been most helpful as a "Yes" volunteer.  Long before Home Tour plans are made, the sponsorship fundraiser needed coordination and leadership. She enthusiastically accepted the Sponsorship Chair position and offered her office as the convenient meeting place for the Home Tour committee.  She then lead the collection efforts for raffle prizes and never stopped to lend a helping hand at anything she was asked to help with.  A steady rock in the happy white waters of Home Tour.  

Eva Iino is the Woman's Club transportation expert and arranged for shuttle service extraordinaire.  Her leadership and industry knowledge was ultimately responsible for the planning of a flawless and much lauded shuttle service much enjoyed by the visitors, while at the same time containing costs.  She brought the shuttle operators to the table who delivered clean vehicles, skillful and friendly drivers, and generously added a supervisor to keep things running smoothly.  

Karen Goldberg had chaired the Strategic Planning Committee at the Home Tour preparations phase and was a natural to lead and execute the plans for this year's shuttles. The separation of the shuttle route to the Villa Aurora complicated planning and timing.  Karen's concerns that she would have nothing to do were soon laid to rest when she needed to juggle nine vans and drivers on two separate routes, and keep visitors going to the correct places.  The shuttle transportation received nothing but glorious praise from all who used it.

Suzette Abbott's enthusiasm and engagement in the Home Tour efforts lit up the room wherever she appeared.   Flower arrangements at the homes was her contribution and nothing could be more important than a fresh look of color and elegance.  She smilingly navigated around some delicate issues with owners and designers, made backup plans and was an all-around pleasure to work with throughout the event planning and execution. 

Valerie Goldstein joined the Woman's Club with the expressed desire to help with Home Tour. She participated in planning discussion and embraced the opportunity to chair the coveted VIP party designed to honor the Home Tour Sponsors, major PPWC contributors, and chairs of the Home Tour event. She took this year's VIP party to new levels, added a fundraising component, brought in famous designers Paul L'Esperance, and Daelan Cory who magnificently decorated the Villa Aurora, and engaged the California Home Magazine to place a complimentary ad in the magazine.  Her exquisite collection of gifts for the cute gift bag topped all expectations.  The European Lillet wine cocktail served at the VIP party added the esoteric flare. 

Cindy Leuty-Jones stepped up the level of energy from the moment she participated on the Strategic Planning Committee for Home Tour and never slowed down.  She lent her expertise to the design and layout of the Home Tour Sponsorship booklet which created the basis for the successful sponsorship drive. It propelled the Home Tour planning efforts into high gear and kicked off the season with the mailing of the booklet to 9,500 Palisades residents.

Roberta Donohue, the Club Adminstrator, was everywhere, all the time, involved in everything.  She has no equal.  No matter how difficult,  no matter how taxing a task, she always stepped in and came through reliably and efficiently.  Her professional publishing expertise helped to navigate through printer and mailing deadlines, page designs, and layout problems of the publicity materials from Sponsorship and Program booklets, to posters, signs, banners and post cards. Her reliable presence in the Clubhouse allowed much need ad-hoc meetings, material drop-off and timely information exchange by all involved participants.   

Joy Daunis with Andy Frew created the most incredible photographs of the four home on tour with expertise, attention to creative details, and the full spectrum of technology.  The quality of work, the choice of settings, the brilliance of color are unsurpassed.  Their exceptional work gave the Woman's Club its Home Tour identity of quality and elegance.  

Local musical talent was abundant: David Wheatley and Leah Chang performed an amazing and awe-inspiring rendition on the 1920's movie organ at the Villa Aurora.  Sweet Christmas piano music by Marie Captain added to the ambiance, and the famous Greg Alper Jazz Band brought the Modern Magic home to life.

This year, our volunteers included a very special friend of the community, West LAPD Captain Tina Nieto as a private citizen.  She had joined the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club and insisted to fulfil her membership obligation as a volunteer for the day of Home Tour, serving as docent at the Livorno home and advising and guiding (mostly unsuspecting) visitors throughout the day.  Captain Nieto also arranged for twelve LAPD Cadets to volunteer at the homes and the shuttle stop at PaliHi as greeters and traffic coordinators.  These well-mannered, well trained, and uniformed High School students are a force to be reckoned with, several of them headed for MIT, Brown, and Cornell Universities.

A plain "Thank You" is decidedly insufficient to express the enormous appreciation I would like to extend to all donors, sponsors,  artists, musicians, volunteers, and visitors who helped make this Home Tour and Boutique the spectacular event it turned out to be, and to ultimately make this community a better place to live for all. 

Many Cheers

Haldis Toppel, PPWC President.


The Service Commitment to our Community:

The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club celebrates 90 years of community service in 2015 and continues to be a vital and vibrant part of life in town. 

For the past 90 years, the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club has offered the community its "living room" as a place to meet, celebrate, learn and grow.  The Club proudly maintains a valuable and positive influence in the Palisades. 

Proceeds of Home Tour are distributed entirely back to the Pacific Palisades Community in the form of Grant Fund Requests to local charitable and service organizations, and in part to the preservation and restoration of the Clubhouse, which serves over 1.000 local residents and members of service organizations weekly.

Three simple ways to make this a reality:

Join the club - are you a woman who works in, lives in or cares about Pacific Palisades? Did you belong to either the Woman's Club or Juniors in the past? JOIN TODAY!

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