Photo by Bart Bartholomew

Pacific Palisades Woman's Club Donates $38,000

"The happiest place in Southern California on March 6 wasn't Disneyland, but rather the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club, where grant recipients shared $38,000 that will be used for worthwhile causes. Representatives of the 25 community and charitable organizations that were recipients of the grants first were treated a spectacular display of desserts that included cupcakes, bars and cookies, before receiving checks. Woman's Club president Cathi Ruddy welcomed everyone and said, "I am in awe of the many people who volunteer and contribute to making Pacific Palisades a better community and by hearing their ideas and the results of their efforts. It is a privilege to support you." Grant committee chairperson Joanna Curtis explained that once grants were received, they were reviewed and presented to the board. The general membership voted on the amounts given each applicant. "I was truly inspired by each organization both in reading their applications and their presentation at Grant Night," said Curtis. "I love how the members of the Woman's Club came together to raise money to support our local community through 25 projects that touch the lives of every Palisadian."                                               From the Palisades News

A Special Thank You to our sponsors for making our 32nd Annual Home Tour & Boutique a Success.

Click here for the 2017 Sponsorship Booklet.

PPWC Scholarship Award

President Robin Weitz, Neku Dorri and Past President Cathi Ruddy

 On May 21, President Robin Weitz and Past President Cathi Ruddy
congratulated Neku Dorri for her significant scholastic achievement and leadership roles at Palisades Charter High School. Neku will received a $500 scholarship award as a token of the PPWC's support of young women who serve s leaders and role models for others.


A Lovely Afternoon Tea Party

The PPWC had it's Annual Tea and Social Party to welcome new members, the new 2018-19 board and honor the outgoing board of directors. It's always a lovely afternoon for getting to know our new members and catching up with good friends. 

President Cathi Ruddy stepping down and congratulating Incoming President Robin Weitz. "Friendship, Fun, and Philanthropy"

L-R: Incoming President Robin Weitz, Past President Haldis Toppel, President Catherine Ruddy and Past President Terri Lewis Lyman, Annual Tea May 8, 2018. 

A surprise visit from past president Terri Lyman with Cathi Ruddy

President Catherine Ruddy making the rounds to talk with members. 

Lots of finger sandwiches, fruit and yummy deserts! Gina Jakel, and Joanna Niles Curtis. Judy Gold waiting her turn. The party was
catered by Chef CC Consalvo.

Friendship, fun and philanthropy! That's the PPWC Motto! Great friends sharing a fun afternoon, Maggie Stokes, Nancy Johnson, Haldis Toppel and Diane Stafford. 

More ladies enjoying an afternoon of tea and goodies.

What would a tea party be without the hats!

Enjoying the Tea party! Vivian Foster and Kat Holland


 Great Rummage Sale!!

Thank you to everyone that came out in the rain to shop at our Rummage Sale. We truly appreciate you supporting the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club. Thank you to all the volunteers, members and non-members, that came on Friday to help set up the sale. Also to the that worked the sale on Saturday. Kudos to Joanna Curtis and her committee. 



New member Tricia Coupland, general manager of the newly opened Club Pilates Pacific Palisades invited members of the PPWC for a private 50 minute pilate class and offered refreshments after.

Monday, February 5th a group of ladies walked over to the new studio and enjoyed Tricia’s hospitality and a class with her lead instructor Brieze Lafferty.

Pictured r/l: Eve Haberfield, Patty Detroit, Robin Weitz, Tricia Coupland, Gina Jakel, Vibeke Rosenberg and Cathi Ruddy.


Wellness Talk & Healthy Eats with Chef CC

Thursday, January 18th the PPWC presented a Wellness Talk & Healthy Eats cooking class at the clubhouse. The class was conducted by Chef CC Consalvo, who has over 15 years experience as a personal holistic chef and wellness coach with a focus on anti inflammatory cuisine.

The ladies gathered in the kitchen to watch Chef CC demonstrate the preparation of our lunch which consisted of a flat iron steak, sliced thin, dry rub marinated with a black olive chimichurri over wilted greens, followed by a cherry and blueberry crumble, made with brown rice four and sweetened with maple. Everyone enjoyed their meal.

During the meal, Chef CC shared her overall goal to incorporate simple, healthy lifestyle choices that are doable and support busy lives. Other topics were on nutrition management and kitchen tips.

Everyone was having such a great time that the class went an hour over. It was definitely an afternoon of great conversations, healthy food facts and enjoying a delicious meal! 


General Membership Meeting
- Tuesday January 9th

Cathi Ruddy, Cindy Noori, Kathy Later, Robin Weitz, Terri Webb, Gabrielle Gottlieb and Haldis Toppel met in the clubhouse kitchen to prepare a wonderful meal for the members at the last GM meeting. 

The menu for the evening’s supper included: Appetizer; Kibbeh al Hammam, Main Course; Huckleberry’s carrot and avocado salad, Whole Food’s harvest couscous, Tamarind roasted vegetables, Haldis’s baked salmon.  Dessert consisted of Dr G’s raw donut holes and almond date ginger snaps.

Everything was delicious and the ladies enjoyed cooking together.

President Cathi Ruddy introduced potential new members who were present, reported on proceeds from home tour, the club’s upcoming events and introduced our guest speaker, PPWC member Dermatologist Dr. Nasreen Babu-Khan. Dr. Babu-Khan spoke about various types of skin health and care, answering questions that members had submitted. Her talk was interesting, educational and fun and included samples!  Philanthropic Director Joanna Curtis closed the meeting with two items of business. First she reminded everyone about our March 10th Rummage Sale.  Donations are needed and welcomed. Second, she presented the Grant Award Presentations and the Ballot for membership voting.  Grant applicants  were listed with their information and grant request for members to review. Then a ballot was handed out for the members to vote. Grants will be awarded on March 6.

It was truly an evening of friendship, fun and philanthropy! 

The Kitchen crew for the January 9th dinner preparation: Terri Webb, 
Kathy Later, Haldis Toppel, Cathi Ruddy, Cindy Noori and Robin Weitz. (not pictured Gabrielle Gottlieb)

Vice President Robin Weitz, Program Director Cindy Noori, and (not show) Cathi Ruddy created the menu.

Left to right: Robin Weitz, Haldis Toppel, President Cathi Ruddy.  The menu was a wonderful variety of delicious foods: appetizer Kibbeh al Hammam, Main Course was Huckleberry's carrot and avocado salad, Whole Food's harvest couscous, Tamarind roasted vegetables and Haldis' baked salmon, Dessert was Dr G's raw donut holes and almond date ginger snaps.

Final touches and dinner was served.

Gabrielle Gottlieb, Clubhouse Director Nancy Niles, Kathy Later and Secretary Gina Jakel all approved the menu.


Protect Our Daughter's

Woman's Self Defense Class

On Tuesday, December 12th, the PPWC hosted a self defense class which was presented by Max Impact Martial Arts studio in Pacific Palisades. The one hour workshop taught us that self defense is accessible and approachable for the every day woman. Owner James Gavsie conducted the class with the help from his teaching staff Marjan Rajabi, together they gave hands on instruction and guidance. Everyone that attended enjoyed the class, and some didn't realize how powerful their own inner-strength was. We look forward to hosting another class with James in the new year.

Max Impact Martial Arts Studio owner James Gavsie instructed the class with the help from his teaching staff, Marjan Rajabi.


A Little Sparkle - A Lot of Cheer
PPWC Annual Holiday Party

President Cathi Ruddy hosted a wonderful holiday party in her home Tuesday December 5th for the PPWC Members. The evening was warm with conversations, delicious gourmet hors d'oeuvres and champagne to toast the season. Everyone enjoyed a live magic show, featuring 14 time Award Winning Celebrity Magician Steve Owens. 

Caterer Kristine Doty topped off the food table with "to die for" Key Lime Pie bites and double layer Carrot Cake. To compliment the dessert table, member Joanna Curtis added her homemade Brownies and Peanut Butter cookies!

A delightful evening was spent in the company of club members which made for a truly festive holiday party. 

Members who attended but are not pictured below: Dianne Atkins, Cindy Brody, Kristin Sibson, Krystyna Kaszubowski, Susan McGlothlin, Tricia Grossman, Kim Sandorf, Cathy Yonkie, Karen Goldberg, Deborah Williams,  and Sharon Kanan.  

Toasting the holidays, President Cathi Ruddy with Clubhouse Director Nancy Niles.

Helping in the kitchen, Sally Ajdar and Gabrielle Gottlieb.

Another kitchen warrior - Terri Webb!

Putting out the Carrot Cake, Caterer Kristine Doty.

Gabrielle Gottlieb and Nasreen Babu-Kahn.

Judy Hatchet and Julia Winter.

Haldis Toppel and Alice Beagles.

Nichelle Toomire and Nicole Ryan.

Joanna Curtis.

Christie Smith, Terri Webb, Robin Weitz and Sandy Alarcon.

Gina Jakel, Alexis Zanone and Nicole Ryan.

Julia Winter and Trish Bowe.

Vivian Foster and Fay Vahdani.

Ladies enjoying the Magic Show!

A full house watching magic!

Magician Steve Owen entertaining the PPWC ladies.


A Fun Day of Fundraising at Let's Make a Deal TV Show!
Back row, L-R: Rose Ellen & Don Eichenseer, Haldis Toppel,
Cathi Ruddy, Jenny Gularte, Nancy Niles and Lisa Glenn.
Front row, L-R: Gina Jakel, Joanna Curtis and Georgia Wagniere 



Upcoming Club Events


President Robin Weitz with her daughters Laurel and Carly

Dear Members of the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club:

Thank you for being a member, and for your willingness to serve our community.  Our Club is 93 years strong, and growing.  I am so excited about this coming year for all of US – our United Sis-٭ (STAR) -hood.  We are Women Working Wonders through Education, Engagement, Enlightenment, Experiences, Exploration, Empowerment, etc.!!!!  We are going to have our arms and hands-up like we are riding a rollercoaster with unadulterated enthusiasm.  WWWEEEEEEE! 

This year is going to be focused on Philanthropy, Productivity, Working and Citizenry.  Please identify with our acronym, “PPWC”, and align yourself with our goals:

P: Promote, people, partner, participate, plan, plant, party,

P: Plenty, positive, peace, pact, paramount, paradise,

W: Will, wonder, working, wheel, wave, weave, waltz, wilderness, whoopee, whimsy, worldy, welcome, welfare, wow, wide, workout,

C: Cheer, crew, care, courtesy, challenge, clever, can-do, capable, capital, catalyst, celebrate, champion, cherished, civic, civil, committed, comradery, collaborate, confidence, courage, curious, create,

With respect and admiration,

Robin Weitz, 
PPWC President


The beautiful new interior of the Main Hall of the PPWC Clubhouse.

Lanai looking into the new Clubhouse Main Hall.

Sue Beazley and Cathy Yonke enjoying the new Clubhouse Lobby, new fabric on the sofas donated by Fay Vahdani and her mother's labor to recover all the cushions. 

 Thank you Capital Campaign Donors


Total pledges as of 08/01/16

Sue Beazley

Jack and Cindy Jones

Gelson's Market

Catalina Pernisco-Viotti
Kristin and Dan Sibson

$5,000 - $9,999
Jean Aroeste
Austin & Rob Holland
Nancy Johnson
Amy Katch
Tameron Keyes
Luxe Home Care
The Lyman Family
Brian & Kathleen Miller
Diane M. Stafford
The Toppel Family
Marie Tran
Gwendolen Twist

$2,500 - $4,999
Michael Edlen
Judy Gold
Natalie Riggs
Dan Urbach
Karen Ingrid Vinje
     Memorial Fund

$1,000 - $2,499
Melissa Anna
Eleni Cambourelis-Benedikt
Brook Dougherty
Sheila Dowst
Susie Evans
Sharon & Andy Gavin
Reca L. Gerchik
Elisabeth Giovine
Tricia Grossman
Dalena and Thomas Hathaway
Cindy Heydt
Carry Hirschman
Eva Iino
Susan Jay Freeman
Katy Kreitler
Anthony Marguleas
Susan Oakley
Christine Ofiesh
Kim & Jeff Sandorf
Ariane Sawyer
Tina Schroeter
Karen Scott Goldberg
Christie Smith
The Terman Family
Bobbi & Richard Thompson
Suzanne Trepp
K. Ingrid & Ronald Vinje
Theresa B. Webb
Arlene Keith Weber
Deborah Williams

Nancy Branch
Deepthi Brown
Carly K/Carly K Kids
Surinder Chinai
Lee Ann Daly
Judy Hyde
Krystyna Kaszubowski, M.D.
Brooke King
The Rodman Family
Christine Ruud
Laura Schneider
Janet Schulman
Steph Smith
Susan Sullivan
The Community Foundation of
  Greater Greensboro
Julia Winter
Catherine M. Yonke

Patricia Allegretti
Anonymous (2)
Alice Beagles
Laura Cadena
Calvary Christian School
Peter & Helene Dameris Family
Mary B. Dean
Donna Ferrentino
Vivian Foster
Judy Hatchett
Sharon Kanan
Christine Laguna
Markley Lumpkins
Ellen McCormick
Leo & Gertrude Marantz Fund
  of The Jewish Community
  Foundation of Los Angeles
Nicole T. Ryan
Priscilla & Barry Sibson
Naz & Steven Sykes
Triumph Development
The Weitz Family

Suzette Abbott
Victoria Aikman
Fran Aponte
Diane Atkins
Nasreen Babu-Khan, MD
R.J. Baker
Ona Barnett
James & Zena Bartholemew
In Memory of Dennis Bazar
Phyllis Becker
Steven Benedict
Erik & Margaret Bergquist
Trish Bowe
Brimhall & Associates
Katie Browning
Bill & Pam Bruns
JoAnne Carlson
Doris Casteneda
Chamber of Commerce
Michele R. Chartier, DDS
Alexia Csato
Ginger Curea
Joanna Curtis
Drew & Diana Daniele
Judy D'Arcy
Michael Dawson
Liz Denham
Kasi Dodge
Janet S. Doepel
Nancy Drobnis
Jane DuBovy
Gail Elen
Sunny Foroosh
Annette Fuelling
Laura Gerson
Synthia & Geoff Given
Marge Gold
Maureen Grace
Marie Gregor
Judy Grosh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harter
Sharon Hastings
Richard & Deborah Held
Deiter & Eva Holberg
Elizabeth Ives
Gina Jakel
Ally & Adam Jaret
Lisa Kalin
In honor of Alice Karl
Happy Birthday Phyllis Keely
Kris Kelly
Keri Kraft
Kathy Later
Jenny Lee
RCL Foundation
In honor of Phyllis Leshin
Lisa Liese
Michele Locker
Yvonne Maday-Crandell
Iris Magidoff
John Malloy
Alicia & John Maniatakis
In honor of Marion Marshall
Lori Martin
Elaine Martini
Miriam A. Meyer
Jo Michel
Tammy Mozenter
In honor of Gloria Murray
Phyllis Nelson
Nancy Niles
Sissi O'Reilly
Palisades Symphony Orchestra
Sonja Panajotovic
Vanessa Pellegrini
Jeannette Penick
Lisa Price
Lydia Reed
Regal Cleaners
Ivy Reid
Dorothy Richards
The Rifkin Family
Carleen Riley
Catherine Ruddy
Tara Sakraida
Natasha Samuels & Thomas Wyss
Ethan Sawyer
Mimi Schector
Sheila Shaler
In honor of Evelyn Smith
Marie & Larry Steckmest
Cornelius & Jill Sullivan
Holly Surya-Tishibi
Janet L. Thomas
Katherine Tooley
Nichelle Toomire
Wendy Windebank
Alice Wood
Denise Young


Contact us

Address: P.O. Box 292, 901 Haverford Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Phone: (310) 454-9012


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The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club originated in 1925 with the name The Forum and officially became the Pacific Palisades Woman's Club in 1926. Our club building at 901 Haverford was constructed in 1951 and completed in 1956. We celebrate our 90th year of service to the community as a vibrant, multi-generational club dedicated to the educational, cultural and social well-being of Pacific Palisades. Become a Member!